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Radiator Repair in Powell, OH

If your car can't take the heat, it may have radiator problems. You engine will really heat up if its cooling system is damaged. Keep cool by depending on Wayne's Auto Repair for radiator repair in Powell, OH. This vehicle component ensures that your car's engine stays at the right temperature. Depend on our ASE technicians to identify and fix the problem at an affordable price.

An overheated engine causes both minor and major problems. From cracked engine heads to warped valves and pistons, you may have to endure costly repairs if your radiator isn't working. If your car is steaming or your radiator is leaking, give us a call. We provide prompt car radiator repair at our auto shop.

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Does Your Car Need a Radiator Flush?

Similar to changing your engine oil, a radiator flush is important for your car. It washes away debris, rust, and scale that negatively affect the efficiency of your cooling system. When flushing your radiator, we remove the old fluid and then add new coolant to ensure your radiator operates at maximum efficiency. In addition, while providing this service, we also check for radiator leaks. If we find any, we are able to repair your radiator on the spot. The benefits of a radiator flush include:

  • Removes Rust & Scale Deposits
  • Lubricates the Water Pump
  • Replaces System with
    Clean Coolant
  • Allows Our Team to Fully Inspect Your System
  • Protects against Rust & Foaming

Affordable Radiator Replacement

Today's radiators are very durable. If you have a newer car, your radiator will probably last as long as you own it. However, if you have an older model or you radiator has sustained damaged, you may need radiator replacement instead of repair. But don't overheat if you have a broken radiator! It's quite affordable to replace these car parts. We install everything from plastic and aluminum to copper and brass radiators.

If you must replace your radiator, you can depend on our radiator service technicians to install a high-quality product. We always install dependable radiators that provide superior cooling. For instance, plastic radiators are invulnerable to corrosion, and they last for as long as you own your car. Let us ensure your car's engine stays at the right temperature all season so that you never need to worry about cooling problems. In addition, because we are a NAPA® car shop, we carry radiators of all types and sizes. That means you never have to wait long for replacements.

Contact us for radiator service if your car is overheating. We proudly serve customers in Powell, Lewis Center, Delaware, and Dublin, Ohio.

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